Ed LewisPoem

No One Rides Alone

Individuals brought together

Ordered to leave home

Traveled across an ocean

But they didn’t ride alone

Each brought together

A common goal they shared

Entering into the unknown’

Wondering if this was fair

Arriving in a country

Still living in the past

Becoming part of a war

Wondering how long it will last

Not knowing what’s ahead

Not knowing what to expect

The one thing they do know

All orders they will accept

Each hoping that the training received

Has prepared them for what they will face

But praying that decisions made

Won’t be made in haste

As days turn into months

Confidence turns to fear

They listen for words of comfort

Only death is what they hear

Now the years have past

The heroes have come home

Some standing tall with pride

Others lying prone

They each now travel different paths

Some not knowing where they roam

But deep in their hearts they’ll always know

No One Rides Alone